Tomslave Diary

I could feel my heart beginning to pound as I drove slowly along Her street, checking the numbers on the houses until Her car came into view. She had instructed me to park next to it in Her brief email. i knew it off by heart. “Perhaps you could come visit Me tomorrow. You can spend the day with Me and serve Me. I want you to arrive early – 9AM. I would like you to bring everything you need to prepare lunch.”
i checked the time. It was already well past nine. By the time i reached the front door with the box of supplies in my arms, i was already fifteen minutes late. The door opened before i could knock. Mistress Marine smiled sweetly and greeted me in a lovely, almost cooing, voice as She ushered me in. i was struck by Her great beauty. It was the first time i had seen Her face.
“You’re late,” She said, after the initial greeting. As i removed my coat and shoes, i tried to explain that there had been some heavy traffic on the way there. She laughed pleasantly, saying that it was often the case. She stood up straight before me with Her legs together. As soon as i had removed my shoes She pointed at the floor in front of Her and said, “On your knees.” i obeyed instantly. She removed one slipper without bending over and placed Her foot in front of me. “Kiss.” i bent down and kissed Her lovely, soft foot full-lipped. i continued to kiss Her foot sensually, savouring every second, until She pulled Her foot away.
“You were fifteen minutes late, so that’s fifteen lashes,” She said calmly. Pull down your trousers and assume the position. i had not expected this since She seemed to have accepted the reason for my tardiness. She went into the other room to fetch something as i waited on my hands and knees with my ass bare. Almost as if She had read my thoughts, She said, “Next time, you will learn to anticipate such delays by leaving earlier.”
The first strike landed with great force on my trembling ass cheeks. It was so hard that it made me gasp and lurch forward slightly. i let out a half giggle. It is a nervous reaction i have when i receive a blow that is more painful than expected. “Count!” She instructed as She raised the leather strap and landed it with a loud swish and clap on my still burning ass. “Yes Mistress. Two Mistress. Thank You Mistress.” Whack! Another blow, even harder that the ones before. i could barely catch my breath to say, “Three,” before the fourth blow came down. One after the next at an ever increasing pace the leather strap stung my tender skin and flesh. For a split second i wondered how red my ass must be. The blows kept coming and i kept counting as best i could. i knew that if i slipped up, She may well begin the entire procedure again stating at one. By the time She reached fifteen, i was breathing hard and fast with tears welling in my eyes from the stinging pain.
She held the strap in front of my face and ordered me to kiss it in a soft voice. Then She pointed at Her feet. i obeyed Her every wish without hesitation, and kissed Her divine feet with even greater enthusiasm, hoping to avoid any more missteps.

“So what are you making for Mistress today?” She asked as She sauntered into the kitchen. Following behind Her, i answered, “i bought some freshly made pasta and ingredients to make a fettuccine Alfredo.” She seemed to like the idea. “Serve me some wine,” She ordered. i obliged immediately. “Will you join Me?” She asked gesturing toward the dog bowl on the counter. i poured some wine into the bowl. “Chin chin!” She smiled playfully as i held up my bowl. i enjoyed drinking from the dog bowl. It reinforced my status of Mistress’s slave, for which i was very thankful and honoured.

She watched my every move as i went about preparing the meal. i could feel Her eyes on me at every instant. She was very particular about what utensils i used for what purpose. Everything had its rightful place and was in perfect order. The pasta did not take long to cook. She liked Her meals hot, so i made sure i heated it up very well with the sauce. When She was satisfied that everything was done to Her expectations, my lovely and venerable Mistress sat at the table, which was already laid out, and waited to be served. i carefully plated Her dish, then filled the dog bowl that She had got out for me. After refilling Her wine glass, i served Her meal, one arm behind my back and bending over slightly. She nodded in approval and smiled as i went back to fetch my bowl. She did not tell me what to do, but waited to see how i would conduct myself. Having guessed at the proper procedure, i kneeled on the floor next to Her feet, placed my two dog bowls in front of me and waited with my eyes lowered. I could hear her taking the first bite. She made an appreciative sound and told me that the meal was delicious. “You may eat,” She said, in a sing song voice. i ate as carefully as i could, trying not to make a mess on the floor. i had a feeling that if i did, Mistress would make me clean it up with my tongue.

i ate quickly and waited in my kneeling position until Mistress had finished Her meal and wine and ordered me to clear the table. i did so as efficiently as possible. i was so concerned with doing everything quickly that i was not aware of the noise i was making when i put the dishes in the sink. “Shall i do the dishes right away, Mistress?” Then i saw the expression on Her face. She did not look pleased. i quickly scanned the table and room to see if i had forgotten anything; but everything looked clear. “You are very clumsy with the dishes, aren’t you?” She asked. “i am sorry Mistress,” i replied with my head bent in shame. “Do the dishes now – quietly! Then i shall see about your punishment.” i stared at Her in disbelief. “Yes,” She smiled almost seductively. “Let’s see how many more lashes you’ll be adding to your serving by the time you’ve finished.” She laughed out loud at this. “Now get me some more wine.” i refilled her glass and set about doing the dishes as carefully and quietly as i could. She went into Her office for the duration and came back when i had finished wiping. She instructed me as to where everything was to be put away. i realised that i was expected to learn this off by heart so as to be able to perform my tasks unsupervised in the future. Of course, if i made any mistakes, i could expect to be even more severely punished.

“Very good,” She said, when everything was put away and the kitchen was clean and tidy. “You know what to do,” She smiled as She gestured to the same part of the floor where She had beaten me previously. i kneeled obediently and waited while She went into the other room to fetch something. When She came back, She made sure to walk behind me so that i could not see what She was holding in Her hand. i was ordered to put my head against the floor and to stick my ass out as far as possible. Then came a sound that i knew well and that filled me with dread. it was the unique swish swish of the English cane, that most evil of instruments. i could feel my legs trembling slightly in anticipation. “Count every stroke and thank Me.” She commanded in a severe tone. No sooner had She said this than the first stroke came down hard upon my tender ass. “One. Thank You Mistress. Two. Thank You Mistress.” i could feel the burning sensation on my ass get more intense as Mistress picked up the pace. Quite soon, it was almost unbearable. i tried as best i could to focus on the count. i knew that if i made a mistake, She would begin all over again. i did not even know how many strokes i was to receive! The beating continued steadily. “Twenty-four! Thank You Mistress,” i almost howled. She stopped and stroked my trembling ass with her gloved hand. The mere feel of Her touch made me feel more relaxed. i wanted to lie at Her feet and embrace them with all my being. She stroked my ass sensuously commenting on the tone of the bruising She had administered. “I generally like a slightly darker shade of purple,” She informed me. “Shall we see if you can please Me?” Before i could even try to reply, i felt such a destructive blow on my poor, bruised behind that i could barely prevent myself from crying out in pain. “Twenty-five. Thank You, Mistress.” i muttered. “If you cry out again, I shall have to think of an additional punishment. I don’t think you would like that.” Hardly had She finished Her last sentence than another blow, even more painful than the previous one came down upon me. it was all i could do to stop screaming. i managed to whimper, “Twenty-six. Thank You Mistress.” She brought the number up to thirty one and held the cane out for me to kiss. Then i kissed Her feet. Actually i worshipped them, kissing and licking every inch i could reach with my lips and tongue. i was so grateful to Her that i did not want to stop. Eventually, She withdrew Her feet and bade me to sit up.

“For a first approach, I must say I am satisfied. Next time, you will do even better; although I will warn You that I will not be so lenient.” i was astounded that She felt She had been overly lenient! “Thank You Mistress. i will strive to serve You as best i can Mistress,” i replied sheepishly. She smiled: “You will do better than that!”

As i drove home that evening, i could feel the dull pain in my ass. i shifted about uneasily in the seat as my adored Mistress’s words rang in my ears; “You will do better than that.” “Yes, Mistress,” i whispered to myself, smiling. i felt elated and at peace knowing that i had finally found my proper place in the natural order of things. All would be well from now on, as long as i performed my duties to perfection.

To follow…