Intensif wee-kend at ‘La domaine Esemar’

I decided that my favourite slave, jesse, should spend an intense American Thanksgiving weekend outside of our usual setting: an overnight stay at La Domaine Esemar near Albany, New York. Hence, I ordered jesse to come to my house on Friday evening in order to prepare him for this superb experience. We would leave very early Saturday morning, as I wanted to take my time and make a few stops on the way.


Friday evening: I dressed jesse in a needle lined chastity belt, diapers, plastic underwear and nylon stockings. His outfit was completed with leather cuffs on his wrists and ankles along with a leather mask over his face that covered his eyes completely and had but a small opening over his mouth through which he could breathe. Bound and chained, he spent the night sleeping on the floor!


Saturday morning: A change of diapers was in order; but the painful chastity belt and the nylon stockings remained in place for the journey. Evidently, my slave did the driving. We stopped for breakfast once we had crossed the border. jesse’s diaper was already soaked; nevertheless, I let him fester in his own urine the painful chastity cage.


After several hours on the road, we stopped to relax at a tea house in Saratoga Springs where I allowed jesse to change his diapers. I had not thought to bring a pair of scissors to cut through the layers of duct tape around his waist that served to keep the diapers in place. He struggled for some time before he could remove the soiled diapers and put on a clean pair. I loved the idea of him changing in the tiny washroom and relished the thought that the employees would find the diapers and realise who had been wearing them.


Farther down the road to La Domaine Esemar, I ordered my slave to change his clothes in the car. He was to remove his jeans and shirt and to put on a dress and a woman’s wig. I applied his makeup myself! I wanted him to feel the full weight of his humiliation and terror during the last section of the drive.


We were expected at 4 PM: Upon our arrival, a naked slave greeted us and carried in our luggage. We were welcomed warmly by our hosts, Mistress Couple and Master R. Our room was furnished with a comfortable bed, St Andrew’s cross and various implements of torture. There was also a fruit basket, a vase of red roses and a servant bell for our greatest pleasure.


After a tour of the Domaine’s installations, I donned my long leather boots. We had a little bit of time before supper to try out some of the dungeon’s amenities. It was so well equipped that I felt a shiver of excitement. I intended to try out everything at my disposal! I allowed jesse to remove his cruel chastity belt. All that he wore were a pair of nylon stockings, suspenders and shoes.


There was a moveable cross in the dungeon that I used to suspend my slave upside down. I attached a series of clamps,  each more painful than the next, to his nipples. There were also a selection of weights for his testicles and penis. I amused myself by torturing him with the various sized dildos that had been provided. Eventually, a male slave arrived and escorted us to the dining room for supper with Master R, Mistress Couple and a pair of their slaves – one male and the other female.


Master R is an accomplished chef. When we made our reservations, he had inquired about my preferences for the meal. I had opted for the braised duck with mushrooms, accompanied by an excellent Bordeaux. It was a delicious gourmet meal. jesse ate his with his fingers from a stainless steel bowl, sitting on the floor alongside the two other slaves, who did not partake of the meal.


After supper, jesse had a rather trying evening bound to a table, his body covered with painful clothes clamps. I made him endure a hot wax session on his front and back. After that he spent a portion of the night in a cage, disguised as a dog for his Mistress’ pleasure while she rested.


Sunday morning: After breakfast and before leaving this remarkable dungeon, I subjected jesse to another hot wax session complete with suspension play, clamps and a different electric dildo device. This session was even more intense than the previous one. It is a pity that my slave has no tolerance for being whipped or paddled, as there was a selection of equipment for corporal punishment, and a pillory. I will certainly make use of these on my next visit.


We packed our bags and left the estate with a certain amount of regret. It is such a pleasant place for a Mistress and her slave. I had not neglected to re-install jesse’s metal chastity device and to make him wear his diapers and nylon stockings under his jeans for the return journey. Our weekend was not quite over.


Upon reaching home, the exhausted jesse spent another night in bondage. This time he was mummified in plastic wrap, while still sporting the chastity belt and diapers, of course.


Monday morning: After some nipple torture and being dressed up with curlers in his hair, I allowed my slave to remove his chastity belt and enjoy the ultimate reward. He was allowed to ejaculate!


La Domaine d’Ésemar: The perfect spot for an intense weekend’s outing, complete with a comfortable bedroom, bathroom and fully equipped dungeon. A most pleasant escapade in the company of Mistress Marine.